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Stephanie Meyer’s New Trilogy


Stephanie Meyer’s New Trilogy

When you hear the name Stephanie Meyer, you think Twilight! And you would have been correct but Stephanie has put the blood sucking days behind her with her latest book which will also be released as a film in April.

The Host was written in between her work on ‘Eclipse’ because she found the break from blood and vampires a welcome change of scenary.

The Host will be part one of a trilogy that swops vamps and wolves for space invaders. These invaders are an alien race that come to earth and take over the minds of human beings, calling them ‘hosts’. They leave their bodies intact so that they can use the humans to fix the planet the invaders believe humans are destroying. That is except for one human, Melanie Stryder who refuses to give up her head-space to the invaders.

Stephanie hopes that people will put her Twilight days behind them, and not judge The Host by comparing it to the ‘Twilight’ phenomenon.

One thing The Host and Twilight have in common though is a love triangle.

The Host will be on the big screen in mid-April.

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