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Stinky Feet?

Do people run when you take off your shoes?

If they do you probably have smelly feet or your shoes just stink. It is as simple that, but before you start to worry there are a few cures that i found. The main cause is sweat on your feet or moisture!

-This is a very easy step; try keeping your feet as dry as possible!
– Or even try soaking your feet in vinegar and water or tea!
-Try wearing cotton socks if possible.

If none of the above works, try rubbing sodium bicarbonate on your feet. It’s both cheap and very effective! The bicarbonate of sodium makes it uncomfortable environment for the bacteria which is good, because the bacterium is one of the causes of foot odour, so if they leave your problem may just be gone. But the main cause is sweat on your feet or moisture!

If there is still a unpleasant odour when you take off your shoes, maybe it’s just your shoes, try putting sodium bicarbonate in your shoes, Mycota powder or some baby powder?

By Emma Wrede

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