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Summer Sense – Sunscreen!


Summer Sense – Sunscreen!

Spring is here, and the first thing you want to do is catch some sun, so you don’t have to look like a ghost in your shorts. But sometimes you get it wrong, and get burnt, turning into a walking tomato instead.

If you forget to wear sunscreen that keeps the UV rays at bay, or don’t give it enough time to draw into your skin, before you hit the waves… you will burn painfully red!

How do you get rid of the burn and the pain? I have a solution that works for me:

You’ll need a few items:

1) A jug

2) A cloth that you don’t mind getting stained

3) Water

4) Three bags of black tea (or if your burn is really bad add more)

Method: Put warm water and the tea bags into a jug, wait for the water to turn black. Once the water has cooled down, dunk the cloth in the tea water, and dab it on the sunburn. Leave it on, so it can be absorbed in to your skin. Once it’s dry, if needed re-apply but don’t wash it off. If you do this before bedtime, you can go to sleep and give it time to work. Then the next morning wash it off in the shower, make sure the shower water is not too hot for your sensitive skin.

Tip: Never use oil-based body lotions to treat sunburn. In plain terminology, the skin has been nuked by the sun, and is still “cooking” when it is bright red. So adding oil-based product will prolong the effect of the sun on your skin. A great alternative is plain natural yoghurt.

Note: The sooner you do this the more effective it is!

Tan safely by always applying sunscreen at least 30mins before you go outdoors, and keep reapplying often. Sunburn may increase your chances of getting skin cancer, and you may have more wrinkles when you are older. See the October issue of TeenZone mag for more tips on getting ready for summer!

By Emma Wrede

(C) Ronald Sumners /

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