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‘SUMMER YAMA 2000’ Session With ‘Troy Sheperds’

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‘SUMMER YAMA 2000’ Session With ‘Troy Sheperds’

Troy Sheperds is a regular student and contributor on TikTok. He has a huge social media following and is known for his comedy videos.

What does ‘SUMMER YAMA 2000’ mean to you?

It’s a coming of age for a generation because it’s the first summer that GenZ is experiencing as adults.

Have you ever experienced peer pressure? What advice do you have for young people who are under pressure from peers to drink alcohol, when they are not yet old enough?

Be selfish with your image and principles because succumbing to peer pressure is weak.

How would you describe your experience working with Coca-Cola?


What is the story of ‘Troy Sheperds’. What can you tell us about yourself for those who don’t know you but want to?

The story of Troy Sheperds is one of luck and hard work. I started TikTok just for fun with a ‘don’t care’ attitude and one day I went viral.

We know you are a well-known comedian on TikTok, and nowadays with so much content out there what would you say helps differentiate you from all the other people that are trying to do the same thing?

I make relatable content about South Africa and mundane human behaviour in specific areas.

TikTok is about creating video content meaning views play a huge role, do you still remember when you got your first 1K views? And if you do, how did it make you feel at the time?

Yes I do. It made me feel so confident in my content.

Troy – what simple steps would you give to someone that would like to start making funny TikTok videos?

  1. Make content you would laugh at.
  2. Make it relatable
  3. Put effort into it.

Are there any ventures you would like to branch out to besides making TikTok videos?

Movies, stand-up comedy and having my own YouTube series.

What advice do you have for young people looking to stay safe on platforms like TikTok?

Engage with your friends first before engaging with strangers, and if a stranger engages you make sure that stranger is known/trusted by one of your friends.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

  1.  Graduating university
  2. Starring in a big movie franchise like Avengers or Harry Potter.

How would you advise balancing school and studying with extramural activities to other young people that are in high school and perhaps are trying to accomplish something similar to you?

Make a timetable for yourself outside of school and prioritise what’s important to you.

How would you describe your creative process for comedy?

It’s free as it involves a lot of improvisational work.

Which comedians or digital content creators do you look up to?

Comedians: Bill Burr, Trevor Noah

Digital Content Creators: Mr Beast

Troy – what words of encouragement do you have for kids that are looking up to you?

Be yourself. Associate with people that better you. And stay away from people that make you uncomfortable being yourself.





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