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‘SUMMER YAMA 2000’ Session With ‘Zahra’

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‘SUMMER YAMA 2000’ Session With ‘Zahra’

Zahra is a digital content creator, who inspires curiosity cravers to live each moment of their lives more presently and positively.

What does ‘SUMMER YAMA 2000’ mean to you?

‘SUMMER YAMA 2000’ to me means living life to the fullest with the people that mean the most to you. It means enjoying summer with no regrets, being happy and care-free with the help of Coca-Cola.

Have you ever experienced peer pressure? What advice do you have for young people who are under pressure from peers to drink alcohol, when they are too young?

I personally do not drink alcohol – it is against my values and religious beliefs. However, during high school, I went through a lot of peer pressure and was made to feel ‘uncool’ if I didn’t drink. Being the odd one out was difficult at times, but I am grateful to have a supportive family that got me through it. The best advice I could give is to surround yourself with people that are aligned with your goals and values. Saying ‘no’ doesn’t make you uncool. In fact, it’s super attractive and keeps your mind clear and focused. Plus drinking Coca-Cola is way cooler 🙂

How would you describe your experience working with Coca-Cola?

To be honest, a total dream come true! I have had the Coca-Cola brand on my vision board for the past two years. Success doesn’t happen overnight and everything happens at the right time. Working with this powerful brand was so much fun and I hope that this is just the beginning of our journey together.

What is the story of ‘Zahra’. What can you tell us about yourself for those who don’t know you but want to?

Growing up I always envisioned becoming an actress. However, I ended up graduating with a BBA in Brand-Building and Business Management from Vega School of Brand Leadership #Noregrets. Thereafter I went on to train towards working in the entertainment industry in both Los Angeles and in Mumbai. I started to find a passion for interviewing influential people and realised that my content was starting to get incredible feedback. My influencer journey started just over a year ago and I am loving it! My aim is to inspire curiosity cravers to live life more presently and positively and leave a lasting legacy.

We know you are a digital content creator, and nowadays with so much content out there what would you say helps differentiate you from all the other people that are trying to do the same thing?

The quality of my content and my bubbly personality for sure. I’d rather put out content that is meaningful, inspirational and entertaining instead of posting just for the sake of it. I love sharing content that can help offer people tips and advice on relevant topics. Consistency is definitely key and this year I aim to release content that is real, raw and relatable. Travel is one of my main content pillars that also helps me stand out from the crowd.

What inspired you to become a digital content creator? What kind of content do you most enjoy producing?

I believe that if you don’t get certain opportunities, it is up to you to create them. This is what inspired me to become a digital creator. I put a lot of effort into my social accounts and the rewards are starting to reveal themselves. I enjoy producing content that is of wholesome entertainment value, sharing my journey as an artist, my self-care, my self-growth, travel experiences and then this year I am looking more into beauty related content.

For anyone out there that would love to become a digital content creator what advice would you give?

Be clear about your content pillars, provide value for your audience, choose collaboration over competition and consistency is key! 🙂

You are starting out as a digital content creator. What other ventures would you like to pursue, if any?

Working with brands that are powerful and that resonate with my message is something I’d love to pursue this year. Working with Coca-Cola was definitely one of my best experiences! I would also love to venture into television presenting, acting and MC work this year.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

I see myself in 5 years as a respected prominent figure in the entertainment industry, a sought after influencer, married to the man of my dreams and living out my philanthropic purpose. I also see myself travelling the world doing what I love and be paid for the value and contribution I add to society as a creative.

How would you advise balancing school or studying, with extramural activities including creating a strong digital presence to other young people that are perhaps are trying to accomplish something similar to you?

I would advise having a schedule and planning your content in advance. Having an accountability buddy could also be a cool idea…

How would you describe your creative process for creating digital content?

I generally always write down my ideas when something creative pops into my mind. Then I sit with my close circle and ask them if they would resonate with this and then choose the best ideas from the list. I enjoy working with upcoming photographers and videographers because they are hungry and most importantly full of passion! I also shoot content in advance and aim to release content 3 – 5 times a week. I plan my feed using PLANOLY and invest in my content because I believe in time it will be so worth it.

Which content creators do you most look up to?

Locally: Nandi Madiba

Internationally: @Shaymitchell, @Dhiipakhosla and @Flywithhaifa.

Zahra – what words of encouragement do you have for kids that are looking up to you?

Remain true to your authentic self. Don’t lose your spark and never be afraid to chase your dreams! You are blessed to be living in a digital age where opportunities are around every corner. Persist and when you choose to do something give it you’re all!

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