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Taylor Swift slides into a dozen fans’ DMs


Taylor Swift slides into a dozen fans’ DMs


Imagine getting a message from Taylor Swift while you’re casually scrolling through your Instagram feed. We’d guaranteed lose our minds and we’re sure whether you’re a fan or not, you would too. Taylor apparently slid into a dozen fans’ DMs over the weekend. According to Elle, Taylor spent the past weekend watching her fans’ stories, sent them messages, and liked their photos. And as is expected, a lot of cat emojis were made of use.

It’s not the first time Taylor has surprised her fans, however. She’s been known to randomly invite people to hang out with her backstage after her concert, and once FaceTimed a fan whose dying wish was to meet her. Last summer, she showed up at one unsuspecting fan’s wedding, and earlier this year, she sent a homemade card to a college student in Florida to congratulate her on her graduation.

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