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Teenage girls are falling pregnant for government grants


Teenage girls are falling pregnant for government grants

A worrying trend has reared its ugly head in SA. Teenage girls who fall pregnant are starting to drink alcohol in an attempt to abort their babies and the consequence is that the babies are being born with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS).

The repercussions of FAS on an unborn child are devastating. Babies typically suffer from growth and mental retardation and sometimes deformation of the face, eyes, heart and joints.

Some teens are doing this on purpose to get a special grant from the government. For a normal grant a person will receive R280 per child, but  a disability grant will give a person R1 200 per child.

“There seems to be a developing trend to drink to kill the unborn baby or cause harm to get grants… [which] suggests foetal alcohol syndrome may be much bigger than research has established. In some provinces the problem seems… bigger than HIV/Aids,” Leana Olivier, CEO of the Foundation for Alcohol Research said.

Teens in SA are intelligent, why are they doing such crazy things?

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