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The AMA Highlights


The AMA Highlights

AMA Highlights

LMFAO’s performance of I’M SEXY AND I KNOW IT and PARTY ROCK ANTHEM once again stole the show, even Justin Bieber joined the shuffle! Another performance that everyone enjoyed was HEADLINES by Drake.

You can listen to an exclusive interview here:  Justin rapping , talking about Selena Gomez and DNA tests


Check out his new video!


Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift were jamming along to ever song! They got caught acting goofy together through out the whole show! They even performed WHO SAYS together at Taylor’s concert and when Taylor took the biggest award of the night (to her biggest surprise) she thanked Selena too. Awww BFFs.


Katy Perry performed THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY dressed in pink from head to toe and a neon pink guitar. She also got acknowledged for her record breaking success on Billboard. 5 number one hits on one album!




Sofia Grace and Rosie have become little celebrities! Check them out talking to their fans on the AMA red carpet who are huge superstars. I’m kinda jealous lol, I’m going to dress in a tutu and sing a song on youtube so Ellen can interview me.


Neither  Beyoncé or Rihanna could attend but both got awards for best soul r’nb album and artist. Beyoncé’s Roseland Live DVD is out now. It shows her on tour and footage of her wedding! premiered his new song with Jennifer Lopez

Nicki Minaj won two AMAs beating out Lil Wayne and Kanye West! Girl power! She performed her new song TURN ME ON with David Guetta. She was wearing radio speakers on her butt and literally plugged herself in, lol! Later she dressed more normally in a beautiful green and black dress. On twitter she revealed some exciting news  “Pink Friday : ROMAN RELOADED will be released on Valentines Day, 2012. Heeeee’s baaaacccckkkkk,” she wrote. (Roman is her weirdo alter-ego if you didn’t know.)

Hot chelle rae took new artist.

(Check out the Feb issue of TEENZONE! We have an exclusive interview with the band! Ed)

They repeat the whole weekend on VUZU.

Rihanna’s new album Talk That Talk is out now!

She releases a new album almost every Christmas time. It would be a great gift for anyone … over 13,  I was a bit disappointed because the lyrics are very rude in most songs. Other than that its an album filled with dance, catchy, electro, pop and funk songs. I’ve enjoyed every song I’ve heard so far. YOU DA ONE is her second single after WE FOUND LOVE. It has a strong beat and is very ‘lovey dovey’. The other song that is really good is WHERE ARE YOU NOW? it’s a song you want to get up and dance to, it’s the perfect song to gym to as well. COCKINESS (Love It) produced by Bangladish (he produced Lil Wayne’s A MILLI and Beyoncé’s DIVA) so you can imagine that that’s a track to look out for. The record TALK THAT TALK features Jay-Z so that’s an awesome collab. DRUNK ON LOVE and WE ALL WANT LOVE are the slower tracks that show off her voice. The album is jammed packed with 11 top 10 singles. Her voice is just so unique too. Rihanna just doesn’t stop!

Rolling Stone (the world’s top music magazine), was launched in South Africa on Wednesday! The title promises coverage of “everything from young visionaries and icons to politics, movies and more”! Rolling Stone chose jazz musician Hugh Masekela for the cover. “We chose Hugh Masekela to launch with because it’s important to stick to Rolling Stone’s iconic heritage, and in terms of South African music, you don’t get any more iconic than Masekela,” Rolling Stone’s creative director Georgia Gardner told iMaverick. “He’s seen as the elder statesman of South African music, but a lot of people don’t know his story, which is as rock ’n roll as they come.”

Sounds awesome! International artists will also be featured, but I’m glad there is a South African version because our music industry might be small but it is so interesting, unique and growing!







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