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The Last Hurdle


The Last Hurdle

We all have reached the end of our respective years, and now going through the grilling stage of exams and final moderations, a stage we all dread. It is this stage that puts the efforts of the year to the test; it is also this stage that determines whether we move on to the next year or not. We all face different situations at this point which have different emotional strains and pressures put on us as students.

Some of us may not be worried about exams, as we have faith in what we know and the effort we’ve put in, on the other hand some of us may have not even qualified to be admitted into the exam, so we end this year knowing that the new year, is not coming with the next varsity level for us, as we’ll have to repeat a subject. I’m here to assure you that with whatever state you’re in, it’s never the end of the world.

At this point and time everything might seem as if its closing in on you, and even lead you to considering dropping out, as the pressure is unbearable at this point. What we all go through is emotional fatigue and lack of accomplishment. We start doubting the efforts we’ve put in throughout the year, and forget about the success and knowledge attained. We are also exposed to the true fragility of time, and how fast it’s going by, and we realise just how much time we don’t have.

Like the scholastic athletes we are, at this point we need to think of ourselves as Gold Medalist Athletes/swimmers. Nearing the end of their lap, the last stretch, however tired, sore, or drained they feel, seeing the finish line so close to their reach drives them to grin and bear the pain, run faster, or let their strokes stretch further. They recall where they started, the trainings and time put in, and they give the last lap their absolute all so to put all the training and time to good use.
It’s the same thing in our case, if we’ve shown initiative, and worked hard throughout the year, this is just a mere hurdle to the end. However if you’re in a position where thinking back about your year, you realise that you didn’t attend classes, and your priorities were not geared correctly, and so you haven’t qualified for the exam, all hope is not lost. Remember that mistakes and flaws make us stronger; they give us more drive and knowledge. You now have the opportunity to reflect back, highlight your mistakes, and are given a new year to repeat your failed subjects, and iron out your mistakes, and end up achieving greater results.

Remember that the true pleasure of success and passing is the understanding and acknowledgement of that moment of failure, of defeat, and rising taller and stronger like the scholastic warriors we are. Learn to never compare yourself with your fellow peers, and therefore undermine your abilities and knowledge. You’re not them, nor are you studying for them, you’re YOU. Live your life, indulge in this moment as it also aids in creating a strong foundation for YOUR life.

Remember to at ALL times BE YOU, and never rob the world of the immaculate creation that is YOU. All the best my Fellow peers, lets rock these exams. 

By Muzi Zuma


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