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The latest on Kim and Kanye


The latest on Kim and Kanye

If you thought you were going to catch a glimpse of KK’s baby on ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’  think again. Kim has made it clear that they will not be including their child on the show, and will wait until their child is old enough to make up its own mind. They would like their child to grow up as normally as possible and that means staying out of the limelight.

Kim says it is a mutual agreement between herself and Kanye.

Kanye has also banned playing any kind of rap in his home, and only plays classical, as he believes it will make baby K more intelligent, and he would like to steer his child away from the music industry.

They seem to be putting their child first, and working together as a couple! Well done guys! We wish you all the best.

Image: Joe Seer


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