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The NESTLÉ NESPRAY WhatsApp Quiz Moment: Mathematics Made Fun For Learners and Parents


The NESTLÉ NESPRAY WhatsApp Quiz Moment: Mathematics Made Fun For Learners and Parents

Johannesburg, 23 August 2019- The NESTLÉ NESPRAY South African Mathematics Challenge adds a fun and exciting mathematics WhatsApp Quiz Moment for learners in Grades 1 – 3.  The WhatsApp Quiz Moment is a 5-week long quiz that takes place over weekends starting from Saturday 31 August 2019. For the first time since the inception of the South African Mathematics Challenge in 1977,  the Challenge has been extended to the foundation phase as means to develop and mould school children while putting their mathematics skills to the test through the WhatsApp Quiz Moment. The NESTLÉ NESPRAY WhatsApp Quiz Moment is a parent/guardian and child weekly mathematics quiz which aims to drive behaviour change at the point of inflexion for kids in Grades 1 – 3, as this is the foundation to build confidence in mathematics.

The NESTLÉ NESPRAY South African Mathematics Challenge is more than just another scholastic test, students get tested on conceptual knowledge, the application of knowledge in new situations in and out of the classroom. The Challenge also tests students’ problem solving, reasoning, communication skills and general mathematical thinking. The Challenge aims to empower learners in Grades 4 – 7 to become independent, creative and critical thinkers who will be able to interpret and critically analyse everyday situations that will allow them to solve problems. It promotes teamwork, enthusiasm and helps to develop future leaders and influencers in science, engineering, and marketing sciences across all walks of life. By building an enticing platform for both parents and children, the objective of the Challenge is to support teachers and learners in making mathematics attractive and bringing it to the forefront as a subject needed to build a brighter future in South Africa.

The WhatsApp Quiz is an interactive way to make mathematics accessible for both students and their parents/guardians.  On why they introduced the NESTLÉ NESPRAY WhatsApp Quiz Moment, Nestlé South Africa’s Business Executive Officer for Dairy, Mrs Adedoja Ekeruche said that the aim of the quiz was to make solving mathematics problems an enjoyable weekly routine for students and parents/guardians. “We added the WhatsApp Quiz Moment together with the South African Mathematics Foundation in order to engage learners in the foundation phase. We recognise that it is critical for scholars to develop their mathematics skills at an early level and that is why we are encouraging parents and guardians to take part in this new way of learning mathematics by being involved in the WhatsApp Quiz Moment,” said Ekeruche.

How to join the NESTLÉ NESPRAY WhatsApp Quiz Moment:

 Step 1: Opt-in by texting “HI” to 061 483 3559. Join the number now.

Step 2: The NESTLÉ NESPRAY team will send a welcome message and confirm your registration for the Quiz;

Step 3: Questions will be shared on Saturday and Sunday morning with answers provided in the afternoons of each day;

Step 4: On the last day of the competition the NESTLÉ NESPRAY team will send a message notifying you that the competition has closed.  

 Join the NESTLÉ NESPRAY Quiz Moment and at the end of the five weeks, you can stand a chance to win cash prizes of 1st prize, R3000, 2nd Prize, R1500 and 3rd Prize, R1000 plus a NESTLÉ NESPRAY Hamper. Winners will be announced and contacted on the 12th October 2019.

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