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Time – how do you use yours?


Time – how do you use yours?

By Hayley Trokoudes

Time will just keep ticking regardless of whether or not we make use of it. This can act as both a bleak reality check, and a release from anguish. Whilst it is depressing to think that our lives are slipping by at such speed, it is also wonderfully liberating to know that whatever situation we are in right now will pass. It has to. Time will just keep moving.

It’s possible for us to sit here and get deep and philosophical about the topic of time, and maybe we should do that – another day. Today, we just want to remind you that you have a whole day of moments ahead of you that you can make into whatever it is that you choose. Use your time intentionally. That does not mean hedonistically pursuing only things that bring you instant gratification, but it does mean the avoidance of wasting time and energy on situations you can’t change or inevitabilities that you can’t escape. Life is short. Make each moment count. And if the situation you find yourself in currently is undesirable, just know that time ensures that it will pass. Don’t become a slave to time, rather make sure you get out of it everything you possibly can. You can’t beat time. You can only live in it. Live intentionally. Live well.

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