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Timo ODV talks ‘Move’ with Teenzone


Timo ODV talks ‘Move’ with Teenzone


Timo ODV took time out of his downtime to talk to us on the phone about the release of his latest EP, Move. To put it in perspective, he paused his gaming to talk to us. Needless to say, we’re honoured. Here’s how it went:

Your EP is titled Move. Apart from the lyrical link, what else inspired the title of the track and EP?

The EP is geared more towards dancing rather than actual singing to Move made a bit of sense.  

Your last EP did incredibly, some of your tracks even made gold status. Is there any pressure with this one?

I’ve learnt to take each EP as a different project. I think in 2015 when I had a ‘gold’ song the record label and I think everyone sort of expected that everyone was going to do the same thing BUT you can’t tell if people are going to like the song or not. It’s pretty stupid to make something just because you think they will like it.

So actually you’re saying that you don’t care what people think [teasing]?

[Laughs] Well, that’s pretty much it. You care but you shouldn’t really let it effect you. I’ve seen so many artists make something and are just trying to follow their success. You’re not trying something new, hoping that the old will work. That’s why with my last EP I did some random stuff that even the record label wasn’t sure about. They were saying that it was too dark and that they don’t think the radio will play it. I just decided that this is what I’m making right now and this is how I feel. So, this is what I’m going to do. I don’t care if people don’t like it, it’s fine. Maybe I make something in the future again that people will like, you know. 

To make music that is individualistic and remembered, you have to make music that is true to yourself.

That’s exactly it otherwise you just start following trends. Like everyone is making tropical house, let me make tropical house. Then you’re trying to be too trendy instead of making something you actually like. 

Do you think that’s how you’ve managed to stay ahead of the curve?

I think, probably. I don’t really think about my own music that much. I do think trying to do something different from what everyone else is doing [is how], otherwise how can you stand out from a crowd then? 

Did you sample the music on this EP at gigs before you decided on them?

I always make stuff but I never release everything. I use the songs that are the best at gigs and you can see when you play it in a club, you can see the reaction of the people who don’t know the song. You can see if people like it or, do you need radio to brainwash them to like it. You get more of a real reaction.

Will the music video have the same theme as your last two?

It will probably just be weird and stuff and I won’t feature myself so much. I don’t really like seeing myself on TV, it was never my dream or anything. Also, because I’ve moved further away from singing and such. There might be a few scenes with my face for branding purposes but other than that not like the other ones where I’m the main character or that kind of thing. I don’t really dig that kind of vibe to be honest. 

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