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Timo ODV

Timo ODV recently released his new EP named Origins! The excitement is real. So real it drove us to sit down with him and get a better sense of the person behind the killer tracks:

Timo ODV

How has it been like making music? How has your music been influenced?

It just affected me to a point where it put me on the map. Everything I have made does not sound the same whenever I make music I try to make the song at that certain time. I have noticed that a lot of people who make dance music, will make like five songs that have a similar sound. I just make what I love. I started this because I love doing it. I am not trying to chase success or being famous.

How would you describe your genre of music?

I would say, commercial deep house, bass house music.  The thing that makes my music overlap is the vocals, no matter if itis Pop, Rock or Jazz, as long as people can relate to the words and vocals.  It’s literally instrumental tracks.

Do people usually call you Timo, Timothy or ODV?

They usually just say Timo. Everyone just started saying Timo, even now when people ask me what is my name, I usually say Timo.  People were saying it so much, until it just got into my head.

Would you say your music has catapulted or have we not seen the journey?

I think for the average person, it has catapulted, but if you go behind the scene, back when I was 21 when I started making music, until I was 25. I had no job or degree, I was just there learning how to make music. It was 4 years of like tears and sweat, 25 without a job, your parents feel as though you are a failure and want you to go get a job.

That is what I usually ask artists, if their parents were supportive from the beginning, I feel like it’s a hard thing especially in South Africa, did your parents initially support you?

I think my dad believed in me.  I think I was like 14 I did breakdancing, I taught myself. I told my dad I wanted to learn Portuguese and I did that by myself.  Then when I was 19, I wanted to be a professional poker player and I made a lot of money from that. Everything that I said I would do, I did it. So by the time it came to music, he saw how I would do that the whole day.  So like props to my dad for not giving up on me.

If you weren’t doing music, what would you be doing right now or don’t you think like that?

No, I do not think like that, when I discovered music, I just knew that it was for me and I told myself at that point that it’s either this or nothing, I didn’t think of plan b. I noticed most of the people who had plan b, always ended up on plan b and not plan a. In a world that is so saturated, even your degree is not guaranteed, so why not just go for something that you love.

But it sounds like your personality has been like that since forever cause you said you taught yourself?

Like when I say I am going to do something, I become like super obsessed.

Ten different words and what is your first phase or reaction to the words:

Universal Studios? Music

Timo ODV

New Ep? Dirty basslines

Fun-time? Trampoline

Family? My niece

South Africa? Great place

Inspiration? Drake

Mentor? Myself

Sunday afternoon? Sleep

Spring? Sweat



Are you afraid of overworking on a song? In case it might change the song completely?

I rework and redo things a lot. It’s mentally draining. I will listen to the song and rewrite the hook.

Do you ever listen to an old song and think it wasn’t too bad?

Yea I do sometimes at the same time I’m like this is what I want. I don’t like that feeling of doing something, you like it now and then three weeks later you no longer like it.


I see that you have a lot of social media platforms, do you enjoy that? Do you manage them yourself?

Yea I manage them myself. I like controlling online, I like Facebook and Instagram, the rest I’m not too active.

Do you see the value in it?

Definitely, it gives you that direct link to the audience. Long ago you would have to be on tv for people to know about your songs. But with social media, you have an immediate response. That’s been a good thing for the generation.


Do you think as an artist you should not be anxious about controlling your entire life?

Yea I think so, because you never know where it’s gonna go an also I don’t get like anxious cause I don’t really care what people think about me and sometimes as an artist you need that. You have to be happy to be you. As soon as you have an ego, it affects your art.


By: Kriszti Bottyan

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