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5 tips for the day of your exam!


5 tips for the day of your exam!

Whether you are in Primary School, High School or University- today is ‘D-Day’ or rather ‘E-Day’. Most exam timetables have the 1 June scheduled as the beginning of the end of our social lives.  Nevertheless, it is something all of us have to go through and so Teenzone has provided five tips for the day of your exam!

  1. TIP ONE:
    • Remember to eat breakfast. If you don’t usually eat breakfast, try having a protein shake or smoothie. Research has shown that skipping breakfast can lead to a 20 to 40% reduction in your concentration, memory and alertness. Make sure to eat brain-boosting foods for breakfast. These include protein-rich foods like eggs, nuts, yoghurt or whole-grain cereal with low-fat milk. Avoid brain-blocking foods. These are foods that are made from white flour, for example biscuits, cakes and muffins. These take extra time and energy to digest. Also avoid foods that are high in refined sugar, like chocolates and sweets.
  2. Tips for the day of your examTIP TWO:
    • It is important to stay hydrated and also try drinking brain-boosting beverages.Ideally water or tea without too much sugar. Dehydration will make you lose concentration and sap your energy. Avoid sugary sodas. Did you know? You should avoid drinking too much coffee before an exam; it can increase your nervousness.
    • Stick to light meals before the exam. If you eat a big breakfast or lunch before an exam, it can leave you feeling drowsy. Your body’s energy will be focused on the digestive process rather than providing your brain with all the energy it needs. For snacking try protein bars, energy bars, almonds, walnuts or fruit to keep your energy levels high.
  4. TIP FOUR:
    • Consider taking multivitamins.A multivitamin can help keep you focused and alert. Vitamin B will strengthen your brain function. Iron, calcium and zinc will boost your body and give it an extra abilityto handle stress.Tips for the day of your exam
  5. TIP FIVE:
    • Make sure to get enough sleep the night before your exam. It is important to feel well rested and alert on the day.

By: Cat Cloete

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