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10 Tips for Flat Lay Photography


10 Tips for Flat Lay Photography

photographyCreating the “perfect” flat lay photo can take a little bit of practice and so much patience; the angles, lighting, props for the photos, and knowledge about your DSLR.  But if you use these 10 tips, you should quickly become a human that knows how to take flat lay photo’s…

  1. Get as close to natural light as possible for minimal shadows, and brighter looking photos.
  2. Use different fabrics or papers for a different background in each flat lay photo.
  3. Arrange the objects in the photos several different ways until you find an arrangement that you like and works well in the frame of the camera.
  4. Use a steady hand! For this, I like to hold my breath so I can be still while taking pictures. I just can’t stand blurry pictures. (Make sure you give yourself breaks to catch your breath so you don’t pass out haha, and don’t forget to have a good hair day, when purchasing a straightener for your hair try to but the one that gives you less freeze )
  5. Set your photo on the floor, your bed, or a chair to get the right height above you’ll be shooting.
  6. Use things like double-sided tape or prestik to keep items from rolling around. I hate especially when taking photos of makeup, when the barcode is showing on the items. It looks so unprofessional.
  7. Have fun with props. Add things here and there to give your photo a bit more personality. Try stick to the theme of the flat lay you are taking. Nothing is worse than an odd item that doesn’t belong in the flat lay.
  8. Space the items out so they have room to breathe so they’re not all huddled together and look messy. I tend to love when items are off center than being focused in the middle of the shot.
  9. Create a good balance of big/bright/busy items with small/muted/simple things.
  10. Use a simple, plain background to help make the items you’re photographing stand out. A counter top, a sheet, or white foam board. The foam board is available almost anywhere, to make things easier for you.

By: Victoria de Costa

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