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Top 5 Wellness Apps


Top 5 Wellness Apps

Tiyani Rikhotso

We spend so much time on our devices, specifically social media, that we often forget that we can do more on them than endlessly scroll through Instagram or chat to friends. There are many apps out there that help support, not only your physical, but emotional and mental health too. From access to free workouts, daily guided meditations and a simple reminder to drink more water; technology has got you covered.

Here are five apps that bring keeping up with wellness habits right to your fingertips:

1. Headspace – Learning mindfulness is the most powerful anecdote to the stress, anxiety and fatigue that accompanies many of our high stress lives. Suitable for the beginner and skilled meditator, Headspace offers a variety of guided meditations that you can use to calm your mind and set a clear intention for the day or for relaxation before bed. It only asks for a few minutes each day, in which you will learn the life-changing skills offered by meditation. With Headspace, an open mind and committed heart you will soon find yourself stressing less, concentrating better and sleeping more easily.

2. Plant nanny – Many people struggle to remember to drink enough water throughout the day, however, Plant nanny offers a fun and interactive reminder to stay hydrated. Just like the cute plant the app gives you; human beings need water to survive and flourish. It is essential to flushing out toxins in the body as well as in hydrating your internal organs and in supporting digestion. With each cup of water you drink throughout the day, your plant will grow. You can also go back and track your water consumption history as well customise your cups/glasses and plants.

3. Flo – One for the ladies, this app allows you to get to know your body and menstrual cycle a bit better. Rated as the most downloaded health app, Flo lets you log in the dates of your period as well as up to 30 different symptoms you may experience during your time if the month. The app then syncs up with your cycle, showing you estimated dates of when you are ovulating and can expect your next period. It also features daily interactive quizzes and articles that focus on various women’s health issues and give you a deeper insight into your period and any of the symptoms you may regularly experience.

4. Cronometer – Though you are able to track your calories through this app, it strays away from focusing on how much you are eating and places more emphasis on tracking whether you are hitting your macro and micronutrient goals for the day. With an easy-to-use logging system, you can add the foods and beverages you consume as well as include your workouts, biometrics and custom recipes. You can manage your calorie and nutrient targets for the day, noting which vitamins and minerals your food provides as you log in each meal. This is a great way to learn more about health and ensure that you are eating a balanced and nutritionally dense diet.

5. Nike training club – This app provides you with customized workout plans to suite the equipment you have, your fitness goals and schedule. Most workouts are 30 minutes, focusing on body weight exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Everything is free and there are interactive videos demonstrating how to do each move whenever you tap on the pictured workout set. The app also adapts as you go along, making up for lost time if you miss a workout or giving you a more intense regime when you feel like you’ve reached your peak. The NTC app easily allows you to turn your phone into a personal trainer offering you anything from cardio to strength training and something more restorative such as yoga.

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