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Toya Delazy’s latest single ‘Heart’


Toya Delazy’s latest single ‘Heart’

Toya Delazy continues to blaze a trail toward the top of the SA pop landscape with the release of ‘Heart’, the 4th single from her acclaimed debut album ‘Due Drop’. Delazy’s debut album, originally released in April of this year, has been acclaimed by both critics and fans alike and is set to be re-packaged as a Deluxe Version for release on 19 November 2012.

Due Drop Deluxe will be a two disc set that will include a bonus DVD with all 4 single videos (‘Pump It On’, ‘Love Is In The Air’,’Are You Gonna Stay?’ & ‘Heart’) plus the behind-the-scenes documentary film shot earlier this year entitles ‘It Takes A Lot To Make A Classic.’ The original audio disc has been expanded to include two new singles: ‘Losing My Love’ and ‘Viva Party’. The electronic production duo also contributed a banging six minute remix of the new single ‘Heart’. New artist ClassyMenace remixes ‘Pump It On’ and ‘Love Is In The Air’ to complete the package!

The ‘Heart’ single was released simultaneously with the video, an amazing piece of stop motion animation conceived and directed by Jeana Theron of Velocity Films, and was aided by a non-profit organisation called Great Heart (, who helped  make the fish and some of the props used in the undersea sequences.

“This music video inspired me to push myself and be more creative. It really made me want to continue to try new things and keep improving on my videos,” said Toya.

The actual shoot took three days to complete, with two days dedicated to filming Toya singing in the giant sea and a separate day to do her hair shots. There was also a second unit, directed by Justine Puren, that focused solely on the close ups of the shark and fish.

“We took roughly an hour to shoot 12 frames. This means it took about an hour to shoot one second of the four minute music video,” said Theron. “In spite of the pain I think we are all very proud of the result.”

Watch the music video here.

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