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Tinder is banning transgender people from the app



Tinder is banning transgender people from the app

Tinder is now facing accusations of transphobia after several Twitter users say they were suspended for what they believe is a result of users reporting them for being transgender. On 3 December, @Tahlia_Rene tweeted a response she received from Tinder after her account was reportedly banned. She has assumed that Tinder users reported her for being transgender. She expressed her belief that the site isn’t trans-friendly.

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The app attributes the banning to her “violating [Tinder’s] Terms of Service or Community Guidelines in some way.” he letter also says Tahlia will not be able to create a new account using her Facebook or phone number. Thalia wrote the following in her Instagram account:

“So @tinder banned me for violating their community guidelines ‘in some way’ but every trans woman knows this means I was auto banned based on volume of reports.”

On Twitter, she encouraged other users to tweet a response to Tinder in support of her, which many did. Others responded with their own reports of being banned or knowing someone who has been banned. Tinder has yet to respond to the allegations.

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