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Treespond: the new campaign “tree”sponding to Trump’s false claims about climate change


Treespond: the new campaign “tree”sponding to Trump’s false claims about climate change

It’s no secret that Donald Trump is not a big supporter of the move to reduce climate change, and as you might expect lots of us are fairly furious about it. Thankfully a new campaign (with a serious sense of humour) has been launched in the States to try and find some positivity in his “Science? What’s science?” tweets.

Treepex, a non-profit organisation, dedicated to planting trees all over the world recently launched a campaign called Treespond. The campaign works by essentially assigning a number of trees to each of Trump’s misleading, or (let’s just say it) false quotes about climate change. If you visit the website you can then contribute to the required number of trees by donating. You will be told the location of your tree and sent a certificate. Trees from this particular campaign are all being planted in California in response to the huge forest-fires that have decimated the forests there recently.

The campaign’s website has collected some of the best examples of Trump’s blunders, for example:

“Where the hell is global warming?” because the polar bear population has “never been stronger” (Really??)

“Global warming is a hoax”

You then simply choose the quote you wish your tree to stand against, donate and, hopefully, feel some of that President Trump-related anger disappear.

Finally, as we all know, no amount of tree planting is going to have sufficient effect against climate change, and tackling global warming is unfortunately going to need politicians to engage with policy change. But let’s be honest, ridiculing Trump’s ignorance by planting a tree does feel pretty damn good.




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