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Tresor on Coke Studio Africa 2017


Tresor on Coke Studio Africa 2017

Coke Studio Africa

This year Coke Studios and Coke Studio Africa have merged into one fantastic production, Coke Studio Africa 2017. The merger increases the number of participating countries from 11 to 16, and broadcasts to more than 30 countries across Africa! Teenzone had the opportunity to sit down with Tresor and discuss his involvement in the hit TV show this year:

Having moved to South Africa in 2007, would you consider yourself a South African or do you still largely identify with the DRC?

I consider myself a Pan African citizen, and I still identify a lot of Congolese culture because it’s where I grew up. My adulthood was exposed to the South Africa culture in general. So, I’d rather call myself a Pan African and not just a South African or Congolese.

Do you think that living in the DRC and in South Africa gave you a better insight into Coke Studio Africa before you even took part in it?

Most definitely, I think coming from DRC and living in South Africa kind of helped me understand the concept of Coke Studio and the collaborations and the fusion of the music, so for me it definitely gave me a great insight before I took part in Coke Studio.

Having been involved with Coke Studio before, how was the experience different this time around?

The previous Coke Studio we did in Johannesburg was different from the one we did in Nairobi in a buzzing city and far away from home and also a beautiful city. Meeting artists from all over Africa, instead of the usual local friends. The experience was pretty crazy, so many things to do in a week was very grilling but I really enjoyed the experience.

Can you tell us a little bit more about who you collaborated with and what the process was like?

I’ve collaborated with a very young guy called Locko from Cameroon, very talented. Gemini Major co-produced the music and I then helped shape the music and sound to what it is now. It was a cool and smooth process because  we all pretty much had the same vision of making something really epic.

Will you be working on music with anyone else from Coke Studio Africa 2017 in your own time?

Most definitely, there are incredible artists from Coke Studio Africa 2017. I would like to work with Sauti Sol, Sketchy Bongo, Shekhina and Runtown.

What are you most excited for viewers to see in this season of Coke Studio Africa 2017?

I think first, the original songs and also when the artists cover the songs and also seeing the reaction from viewers. I really think they will enjoy the whole fun process and seeing artists coming out of their comfort zone and just being able to make new stuff and blend it together. It’s really beautiful and I cannot wait for people to see the new season of Coke Studio 2017.

You have just released ‘Evergreen with The Kiffness’, a collaboration project with Sony Xperia Mashlab and 5FM. How did you get involved with the project?

It’s an old song, but I got approached by Sony Experia Mashlab and they suggested Kiffness and we kind of made a different sound. I personally make sure it benefits both parties every time I do collaborations. Myself and Kiffness came together and created something that really is timeless and different and I love these type of projects, especially when they work out in every interest of both artists.

How would you describe your personal fashion style? Do you think it has any link to your music style?

My fashion style is linked most definitely with my music, its eclectic, alternative, innovative, avant-garde, forward thinking and that’s pretty much how I describe my music as well.

What are you currently working on post-Coke Studio?

I’m currently working on new music, but most importantly I’ll be focusing on pushing the new album “The Beautiful Madness” and just releasing crazy visuals as well as spreading the music live across Africa and the world.

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