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Triple Threat

Justin Bieber definitely knows the power of a triple threat but we’re not referring to the usual: dancing, singing and acting kind of triple threat. Justin Bieber’s Cold Water has secured a spot in Summer ’16 hits. When we originally introduced you to the song you say the lyric video for the song. It seems that the lyric video is the new trend for musicians. They use it as a type of tester; just to see how it does before they put money towards the production of a full-blown music video. Closer by The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey is another example of this theory. The difference is, Justin Bieber and Major Laser haven’t released just two music videos, they have released three. The variation may pay off in the end but one cannot help but think if three entire music videos are necessary? Either way, we present you with Justin Bieber’s triple threat:

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