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We live in a busy time, and the incidence rate of mental health conditions in young people reflect that fact. Today our life is run with technology. We spend hours with our phones every day; rarely sit down without a screen in front of us; and often find real-life interactions pretty awkward and uncomfortable. Essentially, our lives have been taken over. They haven’t really become busier; they have just become far more distracted. Whilst this may be the reality that we live in there is something that we here at TeenZone would advise to all of you…

As often as you possibly can just sit and do nothing. We don’t mean meditating, as that involves trying to empty your mind of thoughts. Instead we simply advise that you sit and think without a screen in sight. Let your head run through ideas and play them out. You don’t need to constantly be on the go. There is a pressure in today’s society to make every second count – we listen to audiobooks when we wait in queues; we watch TV in bed while we fall asleep; and we reply to messages while we walk. We spend our time trying to be more and more efficient. Instead be a rebel and take some time out. Refuse to be sucked into the never ending stream of ‘doing-ness’. Sit down on the floor right now and just sit. Think, play with ideas, get creative in your head, without technology taking away some of that very vital focus. We promise you that even a few minutes of this every day will benefit your mental health, levels of creativity, decision-making and relationships. A few minutes is all it really takes. So what are you waiting for?

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