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Yellow-Faced Bee

The bee population (wild bees and honey bees) has been in danger for years but a certain type of bee has now specifically been placed on the endangered species list. This is the first time in history that this has happened to any species of bee. The U.S government declared seven species of yellow-faced bees, that are all native to Hawaii, endangered.

Although these bees are now under protection by the U.S government and various other governments, the agency failed to designate a critical habitat for the yellow-faced bees. What’s odd about that is that the numbers of bees are dwindling because their habitat is shrinking more and more. In effect, their habitat is under attack. Honey bees are also experiencing something similar. Although it is important to specify that not ALL bees have been declared endangered. It does bring the issue to light, however.

Although climate change plays a part in increasing the problem, human development is the true problem. Pesticides also seem to kill bees in large numbers. This is overall a story about environmentalism, protection and preserving natural wonder. This is true not only for the seven species of bees mentioned but to all animals on the endangered species list.

By: Kriszti Bottyan

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