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Unless you’re Beyoncé…


Unless you’re Beyoncé…

By Dylan Craig-Caddick

It seems to me that people like telling other people what to do. They call this unhelpful practice ‘giving advice’. I mean, if that advice comes from someone well-adjusted, well-meaning and, well, normal, then that’s a different story, but it NEVER does. The people who feel the most qualified to give advice are the crime scenes that can’t hold their own lives together.

A crazy one from this week was a friend trying to give me ‘dating advice’. This would be super kind if she hadn’t been in and out of relationships at least 31 times in the past week. Oh and then she had a spot of health advice too – surprisingly this didn’t feature her particular penchant for drinking like a fish or smoking up a storm. I’m shook that these people are keen to dole out advice, yet have never listened to their own advice.

They are so quick to point out what we’re doing wrong and how we need to fix it that they seem to forget their last three divorces and 19 emotional breakdowns. If they rather focussed on their own stuff, they might notice that their lives are falling apart…

So I’m done with everyone’s “wonderful” advice, unless of course you’re Beyoncé. She has it together. Like all of it. She has businesses and clothing lines, and is married with kids. She has her life under control. So Beyoncé, I’d totally love to hear your opinion on my love life, and YOU can call anytime you like, but the rest of you…well, no thanks. I’ll ask you when I want your opinion.


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