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V-Day for singletons


V-Day for singletons

Valentine’s Day can suck for singletons, but it really shouldn’t have to. V-Day is really just another day in the calendar and being single for it does not mean that you will die alone with 95 cats. Really it doesn’t.

Nobody sends you a card or invites you for an over-priced dinner? Great – be delighted that the people who like you haven’t bought into the commercial gimmick of the 14th of February. I mean why on earth does this one date each year make so many people believe that all their other half has ever wanted is a fluffy bear with sinister eyes, that says “I love you” while it’s little throbbing heart flashes red… This is not an acceptable gift. It never was and never will be. Yet, Valentine’s Day seemingly makes people lose their minds. As singletons, you should be grateful that you are not having to smile politely as the person who supposedly knows you so well, presents you with a picture of Cupid with a caption that makes you want to vomit. Really – singletons are the lucky ones.

V-Day is a time for you to thrive. Do not hide at home watching the mailbox, or spend your day surgically attached to WhatsApp hoping against hope that Hottie Number 1 might message you. Instead, get out there, and be yourself. Valentine’s Day is not just for couples. Spread the love amongst your friends. Buy them some flowers (and ideally get them delivered during assembly for maximum embarrassment). Treat them to a coffee. Tip the waiter well and make their day. Watch all of the films that you couldn’t watch with a significant other for fear of ugly crying. Basically, ENJOY YOURSELF!

It’s horribly sad that people feel incomplete without another half or at least 50 admirers. You are fabulous, and perfect just as you are (we know this because you are reading this highly academic post). Please do not be defined by your couple-status. You are worth more than that. So much more. Plus, you are better company for yourself, than ANYONE who buys someone a creepy-ass stuffed bear for Valentine’s Day…

Disclaimer: Apologies to anyone who really does love those bears. There must be at least one of you out there…

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