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Vaping: How safe is the new smoking alternative?


Vaping: How safe is the new smoking alternative?

Vaping seems to be a new trend taking the smokers’ market by storm. Though no form of smoking is good for your health, e-cigarettes and vaping pen such as Twisp and Vaperite are often referred to as the healthier and cleaner alternative to cigarettes, which in some sense is true, but do not be fooled as something that seems to be too good to be true, usually is. As most things, vaping has its list of pros and cons. Before one can get into the up sides and the down sides to vaping, the term ‘vaping’ should be clarified.

Vaping is defined as the act of inhaling and exhaling vapour by means of an electronic smoking device. Examples of these would be Vaporite, Twisp, Aspire and Joyetech. A vaping liquid is dispensed into the device. These liquids can range from 0-18mg of Nicotine and come in a variety of flavours.



Vaping is Tobacco and tar free and it is at the user’s discretion whether or not to consume a liquid that has Nicotine content. The vapour that is inhaled has no known adverse effects on the heart and arteries.

One of the primary benefits of vaping is that is does not leave any distinct odors and doesn’t require an ashtray. Cigarette smells cling to your breath, hair and clothing and is usually highly unpleasant for non smoking bystanders. Alternatively, vape liquid scent does not cling to anything and bystanders do not find the smell offensive – if you are smoking a vanilla flavored e-cig, bystanders will simply smell vanilla.

Many are aware of the dangers of second hand cigarette smoke – luckily, second-hand exposure to the vapour does not pose a public health risk in the same way as tobacco.

No fire or flames are associated with vaping devices and though some may initially be quite pricey, they claim to save the consumer money in the long run as it erases the need to constantly purchase cigarettes. Vaping liquid also come in a large range of flavours, the ingredients used to flavour these liquids are the same ingredients used to flavour food.


As with most things, there is usually a list of cons – vaping is no different. It is not healthy to exhale anything other than air into your lungs and foreign substances, including e liquid which can be harmful. One of the negative aspects is that some brands sell liquids that are extremely high in nicotine, as high as 18mg! This is higher than the average cigarette. One does have the option to buy a filling liquid to dilute the nicotine levels however, one can therefore not be entirely sure of the nicotine level when using a filling liquid. It is sometimes better to do your research and find find which brands sell liquids that have low to no nicotine or else the act of vaping can become just as addictive as a traditional smoking habit.

The primary concern with vaping is that it hasn’t been around for long enough to make conclusive claims about the health risks associated with it. Various studies have indeed proven that vaping is “safer” than smoking however, as vaping is a very new practice the long term effects are completely unknown. (Scary)


Though it may seem like the in-thing to participate in vaping, perhaps it would be a better idea to hold it off until more conclusive studies have been made to ensure that you are completely clued up on ALL the potential risks of vaping. Sometimes it is better to be safe than sorry.

By: Lauren Sydne Matthews

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