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Varsity Exam Time!


Varsity Exam Time!

We all are headed to the dreaded phase of varsity, the dreaded phase of any educational facility, that of Exams; Where we have even further uncertainties as to whether we all qualify, or if we ready enough for the exams. We all just about realised how fast the year went, and are starting to feel the pressure because there really isn’t much time left. The best thing to do at this stage is just calm down and start being strategic with our studies, as pressuring ourselves even more than is necessary it is not going to do any good.

I have compiled some key points which aid me in studying efficiently for exams, and hope that they will be of assistance to you all.

–          The best thing I have done for myself is working out my optimum time to push studies. You need to find out the time at which you are most productive, as that is the best part of the day to study.  Once you have done this, you have allocated yourself the time to focus and retain as much information as possible.

–          Another factor that took me a while to grasp, but has aided me greatly, is that of organisation. Being spontaneous when it comes to studies doesn’t get one far. Organising your study material allows your brain to feel organised, it’s all in the strategy.  Ensure that you have the breakdown for the exam, and it has listed all that you need to study, ensure you have all notes made available to you, and that you have a copy of past papers to test yourself.

–          Making notes always helps. I have a tripod of a process. I make notes, read them out aloud, and then look at each heading, and talk it to the mirror, and refer to my notes whenever I get stuck. I therefore ensure that I have an audio and visual grasp of the material.

–          Always prioritise the hardest subjects or the subjects you have great difficulty with, and ensure you ask around for help from fellow peers or lecturers.

–          Another one which is tasteful to some and not as much to others is that of study groups, which I personally find to be very helpful. Formulate a small study group, one that is ‘in tune’ with your capabilities and the type of student you are, as that ensures that studying is done at a level everyone will understand.

There are many ways to fully prepare for exams; there is no concrete guideline how to study, as it differs with each and everyone. All we need to do is understand who we are, and work with that. Procrastination is the greatest evil of all at such times, and the best protector against such is avoiding places or things which lead to procrastination. Look at it this way, yes it is a sacrifice, but it’s momentary and leads to a greater and more successful tomorrow. Exercise your will power, say no to peer pressure, again remember why you came to varsity.

Also remember the friends who stick around through your prioritising, the no’s you give them, the hard times, those are the timeless friends, ones which had no season in your life, but are there for a life time.  At all times do things to please and satisfy you. That’s the greatest gift you can give yourself.


BY: Muzi Zuma




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