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Varsity Life Temptations


Varsity Life Temptations

“Party over here, Party over there, Party Right Next door” Is the daily ‘mantra’ at University where temptation is the oxygen we daily breathe in. It’s that pheromone that we sense upon entering campus it smells so good, and enticing. The truth of the matter is, as long as we are all Varsity students, at some point in our quest for that degree or diploma, we will face temptation, difference being the degree or magnitude.

Some of us may find ourselves at a constant debate of ethics and morals when the temptation of engaging in sex or being unfaithful may be a major pull. For some of us the powerful pressure of temptation may be using illegal drugs or drugs in general, or perhaps indulging in alcohol excessively. But the bigger picture is that no matter what the temptation is, however small or great it is, how we deal with it determines, how greatly it breaks us or makes us.

The greatest and most detrimental temptation, that normally is overlooked and not dwelled upon, is that of skipping class. There will be times when our ‘friends’ plan a day out which leads to a night out, and ends up as a weekend out, leaving us either too exhausted for class, or wanting to go back for more. There will always be that occasional ‘chill spot’ where students start their own classes on drinking, sex and drugs, but what’s sad about this is that its the reason behind many drop-outs, expulsions and ‘burials’ of pure talent and raw potential that our country possesses.

What we need to grasp is that we are greater than temptations – they are merely just another obstacle of Varsity that we can overcome, that we can beat. Temptations can be easily dealt with by avoiding the places where temptations reside. Understand that it is a greater reflection of your character to avoid temptation, stand up for yourself, to say no, and walk away. This is very difficult as you most probably will feel like crap, but you will walk away the better person, and the example to all those who played witness to it.

The greatest protection we have against temptation is that of discovering and fully embracing who we are, what we are and most importantly what we want to become.  It is important to grasp the fact that the consequences of temptation last longer then that slight moment of gratification when indulging in the deed.

Excessive alcohol, the misuse of drugs, engaging in sex and skipping classes, all eventually heap up and the consequences reveal the true curse of temptations. We are greater then temptations when we start controlling them, and prioritising. We have a destiny when we start focusing on our goals, and realising that it’s not the bottle, or the pill that leads to success, but avoiding it that allows us to proudly hold up our Degrees and Diplomas. When we’ve become what we want to be, being mocked and laughed at, saying NO to temptation makes it all worth it.

“Every conquering temptation represents a new fund of moral energy. Every trial endured and weathered in the right spirit makes a soul nobler and stronger than it was before.”- William Butler Yeats

BY: Muzi Zuma

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