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Varsity Passions By Muzi


Varsity Passions By Muzi

“Passion can take you very far in varsity”.

For it is through passion that we endure consecutive all-nighters, it is through passion that we cry, feel low, defeated, but get up stronger, dust ourselves off and wipe the tears away. It is through passion that we too one day will wear the prestigious robe, and smile with pure joy.

We are now all at a time where the pressure is too much. On the one hand there is family pressure, to pass with even more distinctions than you did in Matric, or just pass in general, and on the other we have the real pressure of crunch time varsity, where we are facing imperative semester tests, which to some determine whether or not they are writing the exam, whilst still carrying the burden of huge submissions due. This is when the importance of passion is emphasised, for the true drive, passion and desire for studying what you really want to be for the rest of your life, gets you through the immense pressure of year end.

An important dilemma that needs to be noted at this time is that of the “Varsity Crisis”. This is the phase when after we’ve fully acclimatised to varsity life, and are now part of the current, we start questioning whether or not the course we’re studying is truly meant for us, if it’s what we want?

This is a sad phase as it leads many to failure, or unhappy ever afters as many students grin and bear studying something they really have no passion for, in fear of what might happen if they were to change.

I’d like to advise anyone who’s going through the varsity crisis to take it seriously, as it has the potential to really ruin your life. Guys if you are really not feeling your course, if it’s not what you thought it to be, leave as soon as you can. The truth is your parents would much rather pay for 1st year twice, to ensure you become what YOU want to be, then pay for 4 years and have you start over.

We all haven’t been doctors, engineers, designers, artists etc to fully and confidently know if it’s truly what we want and varsity holds the power to separate reality from fiction. You might just get to varsity and your course is not in the least what you’d imagined or thought it would be. What’s nice about being in varsity and realising this, is that you’re exposed to many other faculties, you can witness what each course is all about, this could benefit you in terms of steering you in the right direction.

Remember in primary you were taught education, in high school how to educate yourself; now in varsity you’re taught how to use education to become what YOU want to be for the rest of your life. It’s imperative that we all select courses that we have passion, interest, insight and drive for as this is the start of the rest of our lives.

We are all born for a different calling, a different destiny and are set to achieve a different goal. Mistakes steer us on the correct route, and they lead us to our destinies. Do not fear them, embrace them, but at all times BE YOU.

By Muzi Zuma


(C) Olaf Speier

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