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Vegetarian Bae

Written by your Foodie Friend, Sam Foley

Fancy a healthy meal, a smoothie for the win or a scrumptious veggie burger? Well look no further, as I, your trusty foodie have found you a new dining spot!

Nestled in a small office block centre in Sandown, Sandton on the corner of Fredman drive and Gwen Lane, is a unique little cafe called Lexi’s Healthy Eatery. It’s brightly lit up with a big yellow sign; it has ample, safe and secure parking; and it is easily accessible from the road. Its decor is simple yet chic and the yellow tones give it a feel-good and happy, welcoming vibe, while the various plants hanging at different heights in the background just add to your experience of eating healthily and feeling in-tune with your inner vegan side.

I’m not the healthiest person alive, I can guarantee you that. Mostly because I love carbs and sugar but also because I’ve never really thought vegan food could be so damn delicious. The menu was scrumptious, with so many delectable delights to choose from. Honestly, I couldn’t decide if Lexi’s Healthy Eatery would be a better breakfast spot or lunch spot! !!Hello, take me on a romantic date here and I’ll be happy as Larry!! Don’t judge me now but funnily enough, I went on a tea date with my mom and it made a really fine tea date spot too! I am dying to go back for a meal though…

The staff were ever so friendly and helpful; they were patient; and even asked whether we drank almond, soy or dairy! I was super impressed. I don’t think I’ve come across a restaurant or cafe quite like this one before, especially in Johannesburg!

We ordered our cakes and tea and much to our delight we were pleasantly surprised! I had the carrot cake – it was super fresh (I want to say moist but that’s a word no one likes apparently but it was); I was given a decent size slice; and it was absolutely delicious to say the least. My mom had the vanilla cheese cake, (gluten free of course and vegan): it was smooth, sweet but not too sweet and honestly hit the spot. I tasted both cakes and I really liked them equally! Perhaps next time, I will even try the blueberry cheese cake.

Lexi’s healthy eatery is top on my list: I’d rate it a wonderful cafe in the heart of Sandton and wouldn’t be surprised if this were to be the start of a whole new food trend here in S.A. If only we had more of these cafe’s around! Thank you for a well spent afternoon at your cafe and you’ll be sure to see me (and my mom) again! Perhaps even sooner than you think – like next week for lunch! Time to try out that veggie burger… but for now, I’m content in knowing that this little gem isn’t too far away from me and I’m still thinking about the gorgeous selection of cakes from today!

Lexi’s healthy eatery 
083 300 1210

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