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Ways you can help animals


Ways you can help animals

Young people have powerful voices – especially when they are used for good causes. Here we look at just some of the ways young people can be a voice in support of animals in need…

  1. Step 1 is to look at the lives of your own pets. Could they do with some more attention and TLC? If so, apply yourself to the task immediately!
  2. Learn more about what being a responsible pet owner entails, so that you can not only help your own pet, but also give advice to others. Make sure you know when your pet needs vaccinating, and if you think you think your pet is feeling under the weather – alert an adult so that something can be done as quickly as possible. Make sure your pet has been neutered, and learn as much as you can about your particular pet’s needs. That way you can make sure that your pet is as happy and healthy as possible, all of the time!
  3. Find out about volunteering opportunities at shelters, or larger conservation and wildlife projects. Get involved where you can!
  4. Find out about ways of raising money for animal charities. Could you run a 5km for sponsorship for instance? See how you can help out!
  5.  Keep abreast of animal news, and causes that need your support. Where appropriate sign petitions and speak out for animals in need!

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