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Wet n Wild to feature first model with albinism in major campaign

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Wet n Wild to feature first model with albinism in major campaign


Wet n Wild is about to make beauty brand history by introducing the very first model with albinism as the face of a major campaign. You might recognise Diandra Forrest from Calvin Klein ads and a Beyoncé music video. Diandra is teaming up with four other models to represent Wet n Wild’s brand-new Breaking Beauty campaign.

The campaign was reportedly designed to be extremely inclusive while highlighting all types of bodies and beauty. As for the other models Diandra will be appearing alongside: Mama Cāx, a cancer survivor and activist, and Valentijn De Hingh, a transgender writer, DJ, and model.

Diandra expressed that she would like to to normalise the condition within the fashion and beauty industry. She also took to Instagram recently to comment on being a part of Wet n Wild’s campaign:

 ”It’s always great to be a part of a brand that celebrates diversity, and prides itself on being inclusive to all!”

Albinism is a genetic disorder inherited from parents who both carry a faulty gene that prevents the skin from making melanin properly. The Albinism Society of South Africa (ASSA) was established in 1992. The organisation was established to enhance the self-esteem of people with albinism, enable and support parents to care properly for children with albinism and create socially acceptable conditions for people with albinism. This is achieved by running a number of projects and programmes as well as running workshops and seminars. The other aim of the society is collecting and disseminating information on albinism to the community. For more information about the organisation click here. 

If you suffer from the condition or if you know of someone suffering from the condition, share your story with us! Don’t be afraid to send us some photos highlighting your unique beauty. 

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