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When I study I drink lots of coffee – is this a problem?


When I study I drink lots of coffee – is this a problem?

The caffeine found in coffee is one of the most widely used stimulants worldwide, especially when it comes to trying to pull an all-nighter for studying. Caffeine works by stimulating the central nervous system and improving concentration and reflexes. However, too much caffeine can cause nervousness and stress and may even result in heart palpitations and insomnia in more sensitive individuals. Health experts still dispute whether caffeine is an acceptable study-aid or not.

When it comes to drinking coffee for studying, it is best to avoid exceeding the recommended daily dose of 200mg. 200mg of caffeine is equivalent to three or four cups of coffee and should be enough to relieve fatigue and give you a bit of a kick, and most health experts are happy with this quantity. It is also well worth remembering that caffeine works differently for different people. For some individuals it helps them to be alert and focus on the task in hand. For others, it gives them long term bursts of energy that affect their sleeping habits. It is worth finding out how you react to caffeine: try consuming caffeine and keeping a record of your reaction to it. If you find that you focus better on studying if a certain amount of caffeine is in your system, then you may be the kind of student that benefits from caffeine.

However, more is not necessarily better, even if you do find caffeine beneficial. Drinking more than the recommended amount of coffee tends to lead to problems such as issues sleeping, feeling nervous, antsy or jittery. These side effects will negatively affect your studying.

In summary, caffeine can be good for studying, but it depends on your individual response to caffeine and the amount that you consume. The best idea is to find out whether or not you actually need caffeine in your system to study, and then avoid consuming more than is absolutely necessary!

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