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Who Is Travis Porter?


Who Is Travis Porter?

Travis Porter comprises of 3 unique 20-year-old MCs—“Strap” (Harold Duncan), “Quez” (Donquez Woods) and “Ali” (Lakeem Mattox)—the Atlanta rap trio is packing club-ready hooks, intricate rhymes, and down south swagger. On their hit single “Bring It Back,” they slide through a slick, sexy beat and chant out an anthemic chorus that’ll set any crowd off, while the follow-up “College Girl” is clever urban pop built on stories of long distance relationships.

Their sound is a brew of quirky inventive production with razor sharp rhyming. However, Travis Porter takes everything one step further. “All of us have our own flavor and swag that we bring to the table,” declares Strap. “Quez is chill, but he can go crazy. Ali is hyper and amped up all the time. I’m laid back. We’re not related, but we’re the same people. That’s where the concept of Travis Porter came from. Together, we always try to come up with original styles of flowing, phrases and beats.”

That’s exactly what Travis Porter have been doing since they first took the Atlanta scene by storm in 2006. Stepbrothers Ali and Quez met Strap in eighth grade and immediately clicked. They got into trouble together, they made music together and they began hustling their brand together. In order to get noticed, at 17-years old, the three of them would sneak into strip clubs to perform their songs. “In Atlanta, that’s the number one spot to break your records,” exclaims Quez. “We’d perform a song and get up out of there quickly but the crowds were feeling it.”

Travis Porter gained worldwide recognition performing nationally and then touring Japan and Germany, while still unsigned. Their independent track “Go Shorty Go” hit the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop chart, while their breakout single, “Make It Rain,” charted on the Billboard Top 100. They also developed an overwhelming online presence with more than 70 million YouTube views and massive Twitter and Facebook followings. Jive formally joined forces with them at the end of 2010 and the next phase began.

There’s a three-pronged approach to Travis Porter and Quez best describes the mix of styles. “We make party music, we make bedroom music and we also make what we like to call ‘differenter’ music, which is hot crazy pop. We do whatever comes naturally.”

Ultimately, a desire to be “differenter” fuels Travis Porter. Strap concludes: “We try to be ourselves. A lot of young cats just ride the waves. You’ve got to constantly reinvent yourself. You’ve got to show people you can make more than one type of song. It’s about staying hungry. You can’t let up. You take these three guys and they make up one dude—Travis Porter. Three heads are better than one.”

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