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Long days spent in the summer sun on the sports field, beach, at the gym and fun times at the pool brings on the sweat factor which is not such great news if you are after a clear, healthy-looking skin.

Sports equipment such as caps, head bands, and even your own sweaty hands are prime breeding grounds for bacteria, a major factor when it comes to breakouts and acne. And while sweating is great for getting rid of toxins, it can also block pores.

Using GR8SKN’s CLEAN and CLEAR will help prevent breakouts. Do not forget to protect your skin while out in the sun with SCREEN. A healthy summer glow is hot, we know, but not only do UV rays cause damaging sunburn – they also produce free radicals on the skin which contribute to pimples and acne.

The GR8SKN range is made from completely natural ingredients and has been developed to maintain the skin’s pH level, keeping it healthy and balanced. Prices range from R300 to R350. For more info check out our website,, and follow us on Facebook at GR8 SKN SA.

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