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World Cup Update 17/06

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World Cup Update 17/06

Mexico vs Germany

So it was an exciting weekend of football viewing (interspersed with a great rugby victory – for those of you fortunate enough not to lose power in the first 3 mins 🙁 of the game), but the real shock of the tournament to date has to be the match between Mexico and Germany yesterday that the Mexico comfortably won 1-0. The former champions were a long way from impressive yesterday, but credit must go to the Mexican side who could have scored at least a couple more over the course of the match. In fact the only time the Mexican side appeared in danger of losing their lead was in the last few minutes of the game, when Germany frantically rained shots on goal, but to no avail, the Mexican team held out.

Matches like this remind us all why football is so exciting. Germany now have an uphill struggle to ensure that they do make it through the Group stage to play in the knock-out rounds. They are by no means the first champions in history to lose their opening World Cup game – but that doesn’t make it hurt any less. German newspaper headlines screamed to their team this morning “Wake UP!” and we all certainly hope to see Germany a bit more involved in their subsequent matches, but again, big congratulations are in order for the Mexicans. What a win!

Brazil vs Switzerland

The other match from yesterday that merits mention is the Brazil vs Switzerland game that ended in a 1-1 draw. Brazil have won the World Cup no less than 5 times and everyone tunes in to watch them play with their signature flair. Yet yesterday they were, if anything, a tad on the dull side. The first 20 minutes were great, leading up to Philippe Coutinho’s superb goal, but after that the magic seemed to escape them, and the match rambled on with Switzerland scoring an equaliser in the second half courtesy of Zuber. The achievement of Switzerland in gaining a draw against Brazil must not go unacknowledged, and the team played with huge discipline and structure, but Brazil certainly lacked that spark that draws so many of us to watch their matches. We hope they find their rhythm and fluidity again prior to next weekend’s game against Costa Rica, when we will be tuning in again to watch some of that Brazilian brilliance.

Other scores from yesterday:

Serbia vs Costa Rica 1-0 (Serbia now head up Group E, ahead of Brazil and Switzerland).

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