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World Cup update 26/06


World Cup update 26/06

In what must be one of the biggest heartbreaks of the World Cup to date, Nigeria, who came back from one goal down against Argentina, and looked like finishing with a well-deserved draw, were defeated in the last minutes by an Argentinian goal. Messi scored the first goal of the match, in true magical Messi style, but other than this moment of brilliance the GOAT failed to have much influence. In fact for large sections of the match Nigeria were the better team, and the result seems like an injustice for a team that have performed so brilliantly in this World Cup. Avid soccer fans will have been desperately disappointed with Argentina’s performance to date, but this result ensures that we will be seeing them in the next stage, so we can only hope things improve!

Peru beat Australia 2-0

France and Denmark drew 0-0

Croatia beat Iceland 2-1

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