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World Environment Day


World Environment Day

By Sarah Wanless

Today is World Environment Day! Every year on the 5th of June we celebrate World Environment Day, one of the most important days created, recognised and celebrated by the United Nations. The initiative was started in 1974 and has gained serious momentum since then and is now has a global platform with massive public outreach that leads to it being celebrated in over 100 countries.

Each World Environment Day is focused around a hot topic theme and is aimed at focusing the world’s attention on this issue. This year the theme is (unsurprisingly) “Beat Plastic Pollution”. This year the United Nations has come up with a “3P” action plan for us all to adopt: Protect the earth, Preserve the environment and Prevent plastic pollution

There has been a much-needed surge in movements around the world to reduce plastic consumption, especially those single-use plastic products, with many and countries like Kenya, the UK, Canada, France and Australia all banning various types of plastics. These countries are leading the fight against these harmful plastics and are hopefully setting a global trend away from plastic use towards more sustainable solutions.

World Environment Day is known as the “people’s day” for doing something to take care of the earth and encourages people to take part and play their part in doing something positive for the planet and spreading awareness. Below are some simple ways to reduce your plastic footprint:

  1. Say no to straws
  2. Bring your own water bottle
  3. Bring your own re-useable coffee mug/flask when buying your caffeine fix
  4. Forgo the plastic bags at the shops by bringing your own shopping bags
  5. Swap plastic wrap for more sustainable options like glass containers or natural wax wrap – did you know you can wash and reuse your plastic zip lock bags?
  6. Swap bodywash in the bottle for soap
  7. Buy your shampoo and conditioner in bulk (less plastic bottles overall) and get crafty and make your own push pump container out of a mason jar.
  8. Where possible, ALWAYS pick glass over plastic
  9. Try buy all-natural fabrics when clothes shopping as synthetic clothes release microplastics when they are washed
  10. Think to yourself “If you can’t reuse it, refuse it”

So, get out there and adopt some of the above habits, pick up some plastic, plant a tree and spread awareness. Join the global movement by using #Beatplasticpollution. And remember, every little bit counts.

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