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Worrying about wardrobes and Autumn weather?


Worrying about wardrobes and Autumn weather?

This is the time of year when it’s really hard to decide what to wear. When you get changed in the morning its cold then as soon as you seem to leave the house it becomes really hot. It’s really difficult because you don’t really know what to wear in this weather since summer is almost finish and we heading into autumn.

But what does this mean for your wardrobe? You don’t have to carry around large jackets while you out and about, but I think a thin jacket that might be able to fit into one of your slightly large bags. Also look at the time you going so you more or less what the weather will be like, normally early morning or late evening is when it’s the coldest.

But if you still a bit worried about what to wear: I suggest thin long sleeves and thin jackets. Three-quarter pants are all the rage at the moment and they prefect for autumn in the day time, it’s not so short that you freeze and it’s not too long that you boil!

If you have a formal occasion and you think it’s going to get a bit cold, try your out fit with stocking and a thin jacket or a thin trench coat!

Emma Wrede

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