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Would you have ink done for One Direction?


Would you have ink done for One Direction?

1D got into some trouble this past weekend when they posted comments on Facebook and Twitter that received some crazy reactions.

Directioners were asked to send in pics of their tattoos or send a video clip to the band. The negative comments started flying at 1D because it seemed as if they were promoting young girls getting ink done. In the UK, the legal age limit to get a tattoo is 18 and over, and most 1D followers are too young.

So the band removed the two posts saying they were made in error.

According to Harry has over 30 tattoos, Liam only has ‘Everything I ever wanted, but nothing that I’ll ever need’ written along his arm, Louis has a few odd ones like a cup of coffee and a compass, Zayn the word ‘Zap’ in a speech bubble, a ying-yang sign and a huge microphone on his arm, and the odd one out, Niall, doesn’t seem to have any!

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Image: Chris Lopez

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