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Xander Joubert releases new single!


Xander Joubert releases new single!

The attractive, dark-haired singer, Xander Joubert, released his first single Aardbewing earlier this year which was well received by radio stations nationwide. Now, towards the end of 2018, Xander releases his second single, titled BLUS MY.

BLUS MY is written and produced by Werner Beukes. The song is about a guy being in love with a girl, experiencing  all kinds of emotions and feelings for her. Xander smiles and says “You experience that warm feeling when someone gets you interested. It can get so bad that you feel like you’ll melt if the fire isn’t extinguished.”

Listeners will definitely like to this song. It incorporates a unique pop sound that makes you want to sing and dance.

The song is already available on iTunes, Apple Music and Google Play. Here’s a direct link to purchase on iTunes:

Xander is passionate about music and has been working actively for the past seven years to make his dream a reality. His talent was noticed during his high-school career, when a teacher invited him to enter a talent competition after she heard him perform the National Anthem. After doing exceptionally well in the competition, the developed a real love for music. He went for vocal coaching, which led to him winning several other competitions. Because of these successes, he was awarded a music contract from Majorca after completing school.



Twitter: @XanderJoubert


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