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Yara Shahidi reveals why she “hasn’t dated anybody”


Yara Shahidi reveals why she “hasn’t dated anybody”

Yara Shahidi is an inspiring actress and activist. In a new interview with Seventeen, she shares even more encouraging wisdom. Yara speaks about having self-confidence, revealing that she “hasn’t dated anybody.” The very busy actress explains that she has a good reason for this:

My general outlook is if I don’t have time to take a bath on a regular basis, then I don’t have time for another human. I love being busy, and I enjoy where I am at right now.”

Yara also touches on the importance of participating in the historical activism that she believes is representing our generation. Past historical movements – including the historical women and immigration movements has inspired her and is part of the reason why she remains vocal in her own activism efforts:

“It’s all about paying it forward… What I’m seeing is basically a movement to be your true self. There are no criteria as to what it takes to be involved, protected and cared for.”

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