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Yellow Nails – Yuck!!!


Yellow Nails – Yuck!!!

Isn’t it the worst when you have amazing nails, then you remove the nail polish and you are stuck with those horrible yellow nails?

Ever wonder what caused it? Well I did and I found out the cause and I found a cure!

Dark colours and even a few light tones are to blame here, so be careful which polish you choose. Also, the nicotine in cigarettes can leave a yellow colour on your nails!

But do not fear I found that cure!

There are some cheaper brands that use dyes instead of more expensive  pigments in their polishes, which can seep into nails and stain them. When you are going to do your nails in darker colours like black, blue or plum, it’s a good idea to buy a good quality nail polish.

To get rid of the discolouration, use whitening toothpaste and scrub your nails well, eventually the yellow will lift. Another way is to soak your nails in lemon juice this will help to lighten the yellow colour.

Most importantly, applying a protective layer of a good quality base coat, will help ward off future yellowing and be careful not to overuse nail polish because it will cause the nail to absorb the dye of the paint.

Happy beautiful hands and feet people!

By Emma Wrede



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