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Your health comes first!


Your health comes first!

What’s up with everyone obsessed with being extremely skinny? It may but a trend but it will affect your life and your health!

Do you really want to risk your life for a trend? That in ten years time will be outdated, and you have to deal with the mental and physical issues for the rest of your life!

It’s healthy to be thin or normal weight but when you take it to the extreme to be thin! Then you need to talk to your parents or call a help line about your situation! First your health before your appearance!

Bodies grow in our teen years, and need all the nutrients possible to sustain a healthy life in our old age. If we don’t look after our body now then we won’t get very old, or will have a terrible time with brittle bones and general ill health.

Sometimes it’s hard to ignore peer pressure, but think one day they’ll look terrible at 65 and you will look wonderful because you learned how to control your food intake, and ate all the healthy food your body needed.  While you’ll be out doing things you love! Right now it may suck but one day it will be worth it! You can beat the anorexia or the bulimia because you have people who love you and want the best for you!

Somewhere in this world someone has gone through the same thing as you and is willing to help you through it! You just have to open your heart and your mind, speak and listen…

By Emma Wrede


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