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Zara factory workers send message on clothing tags


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Zara factory workers send message on clothing tags

A report by the Associated Press claims that shoppers at a Zara store in Istanbul found tags in their garments with messages from the factory workers that made the items. The tags read:

“I made this item you are going to buy, but I didn’t get paid for it.”

According to the report, the employees work for manufacturing company “Bravo,” which reportedly shut down overnight. They allege they are owed three months of pay and severance. This is not the first allegation regarding labor discrepancies at Zara’s factories. Only 1 – 25% of Inditex’s traced facilities (the company who owns Zara) pay a living wage.

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The messages call for shoppers to put pressure on the Spanish company. They ask shoppers to back their campaign for higher labour standards and to pressure Zara into paying them the wages they say they are owed. Negotiating on the workers’ behalf is the Clean Clothes Campaign, which claims that Zara, Next, and Mango owe a total of 2,739,281.30 Turkish Lira (about $707,167) to the Bravo employees. Zara has been investigated in the past several years for alleged “slave labor” conditions in factories in Argentina and Brazil.



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