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Zayn Malik gets a tattoo with a special meaning, on his head

Zayn Malik


Zayn Malik gets a tattoo with a special meaning, on his head

Zayn Malik already sports a number of tattoos so it is really no surprise that he would go as far as to get one tattooed on his head. The singer has often been vocal about the love he has for his family so the meaning behind the tattoo is also not surprising. He’s often celebrated his mom and three sisters in the past, and now, he’s paying tribute to his dad with his latest tattoo. He shared a photo of his latest tatt on Instagram and the post caption read a simple: ‘Love You’. The tattoo itself has been written in curly cursive and it reads his dad’s name, Yaser.

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In his 2016 autobiography, Zayn, the singer opened up about his relationship with his father.  Yaser reportedly inspired Zayn’s song “Intermission: Flower,” which is sung in Urdu, from his first solo album Mind of Mine:

“My dad’s a hard worker and he has strong values. He was a personal trainer and is solidly built, and he used to go on at me all the time about being a good student and getting the right education. He wanted the best for me, and I wanted to please him in return. . . . I wanted to show him, as much as everyone else, that I could do it. “‘Man, I know if Dad was to hear me sing like this,’ I said to [record producer] Malay one time, ‘it would mean everything.’

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